30 Kick Start Meal Plan: Heart Healthy and High Protein Meal Plans For Fast, Effective Weight Loss for Men and Women

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30 Kick Start Meal Plan: Heart Healthy and High Protein Meal Plans For Fast, Effective Weight Loss for Men and Women

30 Day Kick Start Meal Plan Do you want to lose a significant amount of fat this month while building muscle? Do you want to know exactly what to eat to do that? How about raise your metabolism? That’s exactly what you’ll get in our 30 Day Kick Start Meal Plan for Men. We’ll teach you to figure out exactly where you are now with your: -BMI (body mass index) -Your body fat% -Your body composition (fat to muscle ratio) -Your calorie needs -Optimal body fat ranges -And your metabolism We then supply you with a complete 4 full weeks of easy to follow, tasteful, and manly meal plans that are created by registered dietitians. You can easily substitute foods in case you don’t like one in the plan. You’ll also be getting access to: -Food substitution lists -Delicious high protein recipes -Tips on how to maintain your results 4 Weeks of Metabolic Resistance Training Routines Women’s 30 Day Metabolic Resistance Training Routines Week 1: Full Body Intensity Metabolic Routine Week 2: Intensity Sexy Leg and Thigh Routine Week 3: Intensity Abdominal and Slim Mid-section Routine Week 4: Intensity Hip and Butt Routine Men’s 30 Day Metabolic Resistance Training Routines. Week 1: Full Body Metabolic Resistance Training Routine Week 2: Intensity Arm Routine Week 3: Intensity Trap and Shoulder Routine Week 4: Intensity Big Chest Routine All workouts can be performed on conventional gym equipment or a well equipped home gym. If you find there are exercises you don’t have access to, use our easy exercise substitution lists and choose a comparable option. Who says you need a high priced trainer who doesn’t know what they’re doing anyway? You don’t. What you need is good information and direction. The best part about having a trainer is the accountability. Well, we’ve got that covered too. You’ll be on a weekly schedule and keeping track of each exercise in your workout routines so that you can make progress at EVERY workout. This is some of my most thorough and comprehensive diet and exercise information to date. This has been an extremely successful plan for many of our clients. Pick up a copy today by clicking. Get on the Kick Start Meal Plan now!


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