Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes

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Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes

“The T-Tapp system is the ideal anti-aging workout. Highly recommended!”
–Nicholas Perricone, M.D., New York Times bestselling author

The most efficient and effective workout you’ll ever do!

Imagine an exercise program that requires no equipment, no weights, and no bands. There is no jumping or stress to your joints. Yet everyone gets results regardless of fitness level! Created by renowned fitness expert Teresa Tapp, the revolutionary T-Tapp Workout reshapes your body while it fires up your metabolism. All you need is four square feet of space and just 15 minutes a day in order to see a dramatic loss of inches.

How does it work? T-Tapp’s unique sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movements works the muscles layer by layer, from the inside out, to cinch, tighten, and tone them and burn fat better. Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes is the complete introduction to this amazing program. By doing Teresa Tapp’s signature 15-minute workout, or the extended 45-minute workout, you can:
• lose a clothing size–in just two weeks
• flatten your belly without doing a single crunch
• develop strength and improve bone density without lifting a single weight
• build sleek muscles and improve posture
• lower blood pressure and cholesterol the natural way
• improve blood-sugar levels in type 2 diabetes

The no-impact workout is safe for those with shoulder, hip, knee, neck, and back concerns, and is also effective for those with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. With T-Tapp you’re building a better body–inside and out.

Completely illustrated with step-by-step photographs that show how to do the exercises, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes also includes inspiring testimonials and an easy-to-follow food plan. If you want real results–real fast–tap into the power of T-Tapp!Less is more, even in excercise! In her new book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, Teresa Tapp reveals her signature T-Tapp Workout, and teaches you how to “use your body as a machine so you can lose inches quick, build bone density, and condition your heart, all with only 8 repetitions and no equipment.” Watch our exclusive video with Teresa, featuring a quick demonstration that you can do at your desk!

Exclusive Video from Teresa Tapp

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D. M Shafer "restingoak" says:

This book is great! and T-Tapp is something to talk about! I just wanted to start out with…Yes! I am a long time T-Tapper. I’ve also done all kinds of other exercises through the years like weight lifting, running, trampoline, power walking, aerobics, etc. And yes, I got some nice results from those things. But no, never in any other exercise program have I received all of the wonderful results that I have from T-Tapping. Those results not only consist of amazing inch loss but other wonderful and very important things like rebuilding of my body systems from the inside out, better digestion and elimination, better toxin drainage, no more blood sugar problems, depression has totally lifted, better skin, hair, and nails, and a new zest for life in general.As far as T-Tapp being a cardio workout? Well, whoever posted that T-Tapp wasn’t enough because we NEED to do some cardio as well, has obviously never T-Tapped, or at least never done it right. Anyone that has actually done T-Tapp knows that it provides an amazing cardio workout, and also rehabilitates the knees, and that is why Teresa says that it is all you need. If you actually do the program and pay attention to the form you will see why it rehabs the knees and why you get relief if you have knee pain. I had severe knee pain when I started T-Tapp 4 years ago and it was gone within a month. I haven’t had it since and I’m 44 years old. I was also very overweight when I started. Other members of my family have already had knee replacement surgeries but I will never need one. I think it is very important to know your facts before you post such nonsense as the KLT is actually harmful and isn’t proper alignment.The book is very detailed on proper form which is really helpful in doing the routine right. The pictures are very helpful and the descriptions very simple and plain. The testimonials are varied and interesting. Something is there that everyone can relate to. The reason why is because Teresa Tapp is a real person that works with real people of every shape and size. T-Tapping isn’t about being a Barbie doll, or a fitness buff. It is about rebuilding your body with rehabilitative exercises that help us turn the clock back from all the years of abuse. And, amazingly it really works! Teresa teaches all of us to be the best we can be, and to work at our own personal max. My personal max four years ago is very different than my personal max today after a serious car accident 8 months ago. I am so very thankful and grateful that I know about T-Tapp, and the rehabilitative parts of it because it has been very instrumental in my rehab program. There is no way I could have lifted weights, done aerobic jumping around, ran, or even walked. But I could sit in my wheelchair and strengthen and rehab every muscle in my body even with a bunch of metal and screws holding my leg, ankle, foot, and arm together. I could lie on the floor and do the floor routines also. All the while I was doing this, I was also moving my lymph, cleaning out all the overdose of drugs and antibiotics I received, and moving my circulation as nothing else could have ever done. What an amazing form of exercise!Oh, one more thing…if some people are wondering why some of us veteran Tappers are so loyal and enthusiastic about Tapping, it’s simply because it works, it is a total lifestyle that meets so many peoples real needs. People that weigh 400 lbs can do it. People that are sitting in wheelchairs can do it. People that have blood sugar problems can do it. People that are depressed can do it. I even know of one woman that had no arms and legs that did it and lost several sizes and gained a ton of self esteem. I personally know many of the trainers and I don’t know one of them that have gotten rich in any way. They all have sacrificed and given so much of themselves, like free advice and help on the forums and over the phone, all because they are passionate about T-Tapp. Believe me they don’t get paid for it and they aren’t prompted to do plugs. The reason they seem to have such a self-sacrificing spirit is because that is the kind of people Teresa attracts. She chose long ago to not go for the glitz and glamour and quick roads to riches so she could continue to serve us real woman with real life problems in the everyday world. Again, those that have made negative comments have never really T-Tapped, or have never met Teresa Tapp. I usually am not one to even say or comment about another’s negative comments, but after all that I’ve gone through for the last 8 months and the hope that T-Tapp has given me, not to mention the cards and free gifts from Ms. T herself of alfalfa and body balance and salts and other wonderful things that showed up at my doorstep intending to help me get back on my feet. I mean I only met the lady in person once and she was right there with support after my accident. She has time and a heart for real woman with real problems and she has a wealth of…

LeslieNNC says:

I’m down one size in one and a half weeks, and that’s not even the best part 0

Stevema says:

Absolutely delighted 0

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