Rescued by the French Diet Coach (Loving Curves Collection Book 6)

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Rescued by the French Diet Coach (Loving Curves Collection Book 6)

Jean-Paul’s clients lose weight because he makes them take their mind off food and onto other more pleasurable and sinful activities.

Lauren enjoyed the naughtiness of Jean-Paul’s initial email challenges so much she has moved onto telephone coaching to further explore her flourishing sexuality and to maintain her motivation to lose weight.

In this episode, the final one in the series, Lauren’s weight loss efforts fall by the wayside. She has bigger problems to worry about. How can Jean-Paul help her get back on track? There’s no doubt he has own unorthodox ideas on what to do about that.

A short story of around 6,000 words just right for a sexy read at bedtime (or anytime). As it’s part of a series, you’ll probably enjoy it more if you read the stories in order.

There are six parts in total. All episodes are available to borrow for free with an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited account. If you haven’t read the other episodes, look for:

* The French Diet Coach (ASIN: B00PKJURQI)

* On the Telephone with the French Diet Coach (ASIN: B00PKLWGBU)

* Disobeying the French Diet Coach (ASIN: B00QJ3JX7S)

* Punished by the French Diet Coach (ASIN: B00QU8KHV8)

* On the Orders of the French Diet Coach (ASIN: TBA)

* Rescued by the French Diet Coach (this book)

Over 18s only. If you are in any way offended by descriptions of sex between consenting adults, this story is also not for you.


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